January 2021 Newsletter

I hope all of our Gallery subscribers had a wonderful Christmas Day with family or friends and are looking forward to the end of this disaster-prone year and the beginning of 2021. The Year of the Rat started and ended with a plague so let's hope the Year of the Ox will reflect those qualities attributed to the ox ... Hardworking, dependable and honest. While we can't necessarily offer any ox portraits we can guarantee a whole lot of new artwork as a result of lockdowns. Our Blue Wall features Gail Frances Hall and Joan Vida for the months of January and February.
Gail's work tends to focus on the relationship between light, sky and water - exploring big skies with rich movement, colour and reflection. Once started, she finds it impossible to stop, being totally absorbed in the painting she is doing. She is a member of the Peninsula Arts Society and The Guild Art Gallery and enjoys painting with other like-minded artists, a practice she has found to be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Gail travels extensively and her work reflects the endless subject matter this provides.

The beautiful landscapes of Australia have provided many opportunities for developing Joan's individual style and producing artworks. The colours and light are so striking, whether she is confronted by the dramatic red landscapes and azure blue skies of the ‘Red Centre’ or the deep blue green waters of the ocean off the coast of the Mornington Peninsula. Plein Air Painting presents visually stimulating subject matter and she enjoys trying to capture the atmosphere and essence of the landscape in front of her.


We hope you will find some time to visit us over the holiday period. We are covid-safe and look forward to seeing you and your friends and sharing a chat.

Have a happy and healthy New Year and keep safe.

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